The 100 Day Challenge, Day 76:

Today is Halloween and excitement is in the air! It is pretty fun having a 6 year old to hang around on Halloween. Remember when you were 6 and getting ready for trick or treating?

Whatever your Halloween plans are, try looking at your night through the eyes and with the heart of a 6 year old. Everything is magical, anything can happen and the idea of getting scared- but not too scared!- is a thrill!! Live in the moment and just enjoy yourself, hold someone’s hand, and be safe. Oh, and eat lots of candy- it is one day that it is totally acceptable!!

So, those are the fun and happy things about my Halloween. This year, while having fun with my 6 year old, I am at a crossroad with my 12 year old. For the first time ever, she is not trick or treating with us, but with her friend in a different neighborhood. This is sad for me, it is the first part of letting go and I don’t like it! Even worse, it doesn’t seem to bother her at all! It is a sign of things to come and I am mourning it already.

Even harder is the fact that our friends who have spent every Halloween with us for 12 years have kids who are now wanting to spend Halloween with their friends, too, so they aren’t here either. Things are changing.

Just when I am being bummed out, though, our old friend stops on her way to her new party location with some yummy pumpkin and chocolate chip cookies and makes my night! She was thinking of us and our tradition. We made plans to see each other this week, so things are different, but still delicious! And my other friend is going to stop by later- she is the one old stand by in our Halloween tradition of 12 years- thank goodness for Kathy- I still have someone to watch the spooky movie with!

Happy Halloween!