The 100 Day Challenge, Day 21:

As you work toward anything meaningful, being consistent in your actions is the most likely route to get you to your goal.  In my dictionary- Random House Webster’s- the definition of consistency is this:  steadfast adherence to to the same principles, course, form, etc.  To me that means staying the course and keeping on the right track. 

Take a look at the goals you have/have had in the seven areas of your life (spiritual,  mental/intellectual, financial, physical, family, social, business/career) that you have not reached.  How often have you been consistent in your actions in working toward those goals?  The area of eating is a big one.  For example, if you want to lose weight having sensible consistent eating habits that work for you are key.  My husband has always subscribed  to the everything in moderation rule of eating- that works for him.  He is also consistent in his daily exercise routine, which is part of the reason that eating everything in moderation works for him.  You have to make decisions that make sense for you and your particular situation and then stick to them consistently until you reach your goal.  That’s just how it is.

Many people have it within themselves to follow through all on their own.  Still, many others do not.  We are all different, and there is no right or wrong about it.   As a coach I help my clients who would like accountability to reach their goals by checking in on them and encouraging them and strategizing with them when they are not able to do those things for themselves or emotions are getting in the way and threatening to de-rail them.  With my clients who follow through on their own,  I help them to reach a higher potential in their goals and plans than they were considering on their own.

Think about top athletes, great scientists, the most successful people in your field,  the parent you know that has a great relationship with their kids, or someone who seems to be peaceful in the face of any situation.  These people are all human beings who have worked consistently in their days to become who they are.  Some days have been harder than others for sure, and some can never let up their consistency.  The great news is that when you are consistent with your actions long enough, you will attain a new habit and won’t have to think about it as much.  You become your new habits and the old, unsupportive ones become a thing of the past!

Here’s your homework:  pick one goal in one of the 7 areas of your life.  List out the specific actions you must take daily to get there.  Pick a date that you will complete your goal by and write it down.  Find someone to hold you accountable daily.  Review your list each morning and keep it with you all day to remind yourself of your right actions and goal.  KEY:  Be consistent, and don’t give up no matter what gets in the way.  If you get off track, get right back on and don’t beat yourself up.  Just keep moving forward- consistency with the right actions will never fail, only giving up before your consistency rewards you will cause you to fail.