The 100 Day Challenge, Day 23:

The kind of day you are having is up to you- great news!  When you plan for the day you want to have and follow your plan everything usually will work out- as planned.  It is when we unconsciously let outside forces determine our day for us, that we lose our power.  And if you are not on purpose, there are plenty of opportunities everyday for you to be in that position.

This can happen when you are operating without a clearly written plan what you want to/have to achieve each day.  It can happen in other sly little ways, too, like watching a negative news shows first thing in the morning when your intention was to have a positive day.  OR when you read your horoscope for the day and you let it control your destiny.  (fine if it’s a good horoscope, but why take a chance?) OR you let someone tell you not to bother following your plan because it won’t work anyway.  (this is also known as deciding to spend time hanging around with and listening to the wrong people.)  I could go on…..

You have an idea about the kind of life you want to have.  Each day you are deciding to have that life or not by the decisions you make and the type of thinking you allow to take place in your mind.  Other people will try to stop you, and these are well meaning people most of the time. They do it because it just makes them feel uncomfortable when you are up to big things.

What illusions have you been holding about your life?  Where do you know you need to make changes, but you’ve just been ignoring it because it’s a whole lot easier?  What are you going to do about it?

Clearing illusions and getting real about what is happening in each of the areas of your life put you in the fast lane of the transformation highway!