The 100 Day Challenge, Day 24:

I have been taking a lot of heat,  lately, okay, really it’s been for quite a while about how busy I am.  I am beginning  to realize that it is uncomfortable for some people to watch someone on the go constantly and working on understanding their feelings.  Not everyone is wired the same way, we know this!  (and it’s okay!)

So, here’s the thing- I love to be busy!  I don’t like to miss out on things that are going on and in general (without getting to extreme things or maybe fishing- sorry, honey) I want to experience most things. 

 What I think I get out of it is this- when I am busy going, doing, experiencing I am getting the most out of life.  What I really get is a daily infusion of inspiration.  I never, ever feel bored.  I love being a part of things, especially with my family and with the meaningful projects I am privileged to be working on.  This inspiration that I get from my busy, involved lifestyle is an advantage to everyone that I work with, coach or play with. 

If you have been feeling less than inspired latelyI will offer this advice- get busy!  Find a cause to lend your talents to, make a date with someone who you can learn from or whom you look up to, eat at a new place, do something- anything you have always wanted to do and never have (or at least start the planning process).  Take up a new sport, or one you used to love, read an inspirational book and take action, learn a new skill, dream up a new project that will take your work to the next level, do something different everyday!…….  As others will tell you, I am filled with endless ideas of things to do and experience, so if you need any help thinking something up, planning and moving forward- let me know!  Being busy expands and grows your energy and when you finish the day tired, it is a good tired, not an I’m tired from lack of excitement and movement today. 

What do you do each day to get and keep inspired?  Sharing ideas, we can all inspire each other- and I am always looking for a few more fun things to do!