The 100 Day Challenge, Day 25:

Just a few words today about frustration and being frustrated.  I have learned from watching myself and from coaching hundreds of clients  that when you are feeling a huge amount of frustration that is the time that you are about to have a huge break through!

Unfortunately, what happens more often than not, is that we give into the frustration and back off which allows us to ease the pain of frustration, but stops us from having the break through.  If only we would persevere and work through the frustration!  We would then capitalize on all of that hard work we have done to get to that point.

This is where have accountabiltity and someone to question you is invaluable.  Some one who knows what you’re up to and how much it means to you.  That person can keep you moving forward when you think you can’t do it. 

Learn to embrace frustration as a good sign that you are up to some big stuff and are about to achieve something amazing!  Keep going through frustration and allow yourself to get the reward you have worked so hard for.  This is how you transform your life!