The 100 Day Challenge, Day 62:

It’s the weekend- seems like a good time to talk about fun! If you are reading this and it is not the weekend- it’s still a good time to talk about it!

Here are some questions to answer to raise your awareness of the fun (or lack of it) in your life:

What did you do today that was fun?
What plans do you have for fun in the week ahead?
What was the most fun time you had in the last month?

What areas of your life would you like to bring more fun into?
Do you take the lead in creating fun in your life, or do you wait for someone else to do it?
Are you flexible enough in your thinking to try new things?

How much humor and laughter do you have in your days? What’s funny about your life? What can you laugh about?

How would your life be different as a result of having more fun?

Who are the fun people you know that you can make plans with to spend time with?
Who else would benefit when you have more fun in your life?

Today has been lots of fun for me- Newbury Cup soccer- watching the Strykers 1st and 2nd grade team play their best games and seeing their pride in the progress they have made this season- that was FUN! I went to South Burlington High School and saw an unbelievably talented cast perform one of my favorite musicals- Guys and Dolls. What a treat! I knew many in the cast which made it all the more fun with me and I shared it with kids and our friends which also added to the fun! Kids know how to have fun- just watch them! Or better yet, join them! Tonight we are at home watching a funny movie together and enjoying the fun of being in our home relaxing- no where to have to be- that doesn’t happen very often!

Here’s to you having some extra fun this weekend- and this week. You can make it happen!