The 100 Day Challenge, Day 63:

As we get ready to begin a new week, I always start thinking about what I want to do to make it a great week. I find that the more activities I plan for (and do) in a week that truly reflect my interests and passion, the better week I have. When I am involved in activities that are “true” to me, I feel I am really being me and I feel great about myself. I am fortunate that my work is one of those activities, so that’s a great foundation for me.

This is true for all of us- when we feel great about ourselves, we show that to the world. (We also show the opposite, too, but that’s not what this blog post is about, not really, anyway!)

The question is- What do you want others to see when they are with you? What do you want their image of you to be? Who do you want the world to see? Can you define it?

The next question is- Is this what is occurring? Are you projecting the image you would like to and are others “getting” you the way you want to be “gotten”?

If the answer is yes- great for you! You are living authentically, in line with your values and the world knows it!

If the answer is- I am not sure that I know what my image is, or I don’t think I am projecting what I want people to really see- ask yourself what might be getting in the way for you. As painful as it may be, asking close friends who are honest with you can be a very good source of information. It may also be a call to make a plan with a coach or another person who can help you to get back in touch with your values and weave them back into your life.

This part of your image I have been talking about is your inner image- what’s going on on the inside that projects to the outside. In my coaching practice, I help clients to align their inner and outer image, so that they are sending a congruent message to the world. Tomorrow we will look at your outer image- get ready for some fun!