The 100 Day Challenge, Day 64:

Yesterday’s post was about your inner image- today let’s talk about the other half- what you are projecting on the outside. This subject fills many books, so I am going to just offer a few questions for discussion here:

First, how well does your “look” convey what you want others to see/get about you?
Does your outer image fit you role at work? Is your look helping you or hurting you in your career?
Do you look like where you want to go, or is your look still stuck several jobs back? By the way, is your look up to date?
Again, these can be difficult to look at so a trusted friend who has your best interests in mind, or a professional can help you to arrive at the information you need.

Does your personal style show in how you present yourself?

How are your skills in the area of speaking, etiquette, and appropriate body language working for you?
What about your voice tone and volume?

Here’s a good one- How well do your inner and outer images match up?

If you are looking for a certain response from others, get your mindset in the right place and then make sure that what you are projecting on the outside totally supports you. This is essential whether in business dealings, dating, and any other situations where you dealing with others.

How important is outer image, really? Share your thoughts.