The 100 Day Challenge, Day 70:

It’s Sunday when I am writing this, but you can apply the information any day that you read this.

It is Sunday afternoon- are you ready for a great week? When, before this day is done, can you take 20-30 minutes to plan out your week? What can you do to get ready for having your best week? You can plan ahead.

If you want to have your best week ever, make sure to consider your whole life in your planning.

First, your health. How many times will you exercise, what will you do and when? What are your eating goals for the week? Are they in writing? What else could you do this week to enhance your health?

How about your finances? Do you need to balance your check book this week, or make a spending plan for November- before it gets here? What can you do to make your financial self stronger this week? Do you need to meet with someone that you have been putting off?

How about your mental/intellectual self? What would you like to read this week? Is there a class you have been meaning to sign up for?

Spiritually, what would make this a great week? What will you take part in to fulfill this?

What friends would you like to see, or talk to this week? What social events would you like to attend or make plans to attend in the near future?

How clear are your business goals for the week? Exactly what would you like to accomplish?

AND last, but not least- what family obligations do you have this week? What new commitments would you like to make, what time and activities would you like to make happen with family members this week? What have you been putting off, or been wanting to do that hasn’t happened?

When you take the whole life approach to planning your week, and follow through- even most of the way- you are sure to be feeling good- both along the way, and when you complete the week. Make this a habit and the weeks turn into great months and then before you know it, you’ve had an awesome year!

Get ready to have a GREAT week!