The 100 Day Challenge, Day 69:

A client of mine and I were having a great conversation this week. We were talking about how it can be hard work to stay up, keep pushing ahead, and over-all keep excited about things day in and day out.

This is normal for anyone in pursuit of the life and work they love. It is hard, this is normal.

We talked about how when you are having one of those tougher days, it can be harder than ever to do the things that can most help you feel better. Sometimes we just need to wallow in it- but pay attention- it may just be a call to pamper and take care of yourself for a day. Instead of beating up on yourself for having “one of those days”, look at it as a day to take extra good care of yourself.

Ask yourself “what would help the most?”
Do I need a mental health break? Maybe I need to read something that is just fun, watch something funny or call a funny friend and forget about my work or what has you feeling off for a little while- maybe even the whole day.

Maybe I am just feeling a lot of tension physically and I need to get outside and move, get a massage, or pamper myself physically.

Maybe I need some spiritual uplifting, so I can spend some extra time in meditation, reading the Bible or something spiritual that uplifts me, or I can talk to someone who can help me to get back in touch with my spirit.

Maybe it’s all three! It could be, if you have been ignoring the signs for too long.

Listen to yourself. It’s okay to have an off day- we all do- so tend to yourself on that day, so the off day doesn’t have to turn into off days!