The 100 Day Challenge, Day 43:

One of my favorite movies in recent years is called Meet the Robinson’s.  I love having young kids for many reasons, one being that I watch kid movies with them- movies that I am sure I would not watch otherwise.  I would really be missing out because these so-called kids movies, I think, are really for the adults. 

This is the case with Meet the Robinson’s.  As any of my past coaching clients can tell you, one of my favorite phrases is “keep moving forward”.  It came from this movie.  I probably said it before, but the movie just gave such a good example of it, that I have used it over and over again.  I have assigned many an adult homework to watch it by their next coaching session.

I love the phrase “keep moving forward” because it implies action, movement and a lack of stuck-ness.  You can’t be stuck and moving forward at the same time.  When you are stuck, just making one decision and acting on it can get you unstuck.  As Tony Robbins has said “life is like a dot to dot”- you just keep connecting the dots and they lead you somewhere. If you stayed on one dot, what kind of a picture would you create?

So feel free to steal my mantra- KEEP MOVING FORWARD- to remind yourself to not only be making decisions, but taking action on them as well.

I am not going to tell you what happens in Meet the Robinson’s because I am going to give you the homework, too- go out and rent the movie as soon as you can this week.  Watch the whole thing because the ending really sums it all up.  It is a great movie for EVERYONE to watch.  If you’ve seen it before, watch it again to remind yourself.  Have fun moving forward!