The 100 Day Challenge, Day 42:

If you didn’t get a chance to read yesterday’s blog posting, please do as it connects to today’s message.

Yesterday I wrote about looking for signs and getting through obstacles.  I would like to point out another angle on those thoughts.  When you are determined, working toward your goal, moving through obstacles with good intention and things still don’t seem to materialize, this is also a sign to pay attention to.  Whenever you are trying to use force, manipulation, or control of any kind to make something work- chances are you are barking up the wrong tree.

It doesn’t mean you weren’t meant to reach that goal, it just means that maybe it is time to try a new strategy or come up with a re-invention of your goal.  Even though reaching your dreams is hard work, it should still be enjoyable and filled with passion most of the time.  Remember, the only actions you can control are your own.  The only thoughts and beliefs you can control are your own.  If you feel like you have been hitting a brick wall and despite your best efforts are having difficulty moving forward check to see if  you have been employing force, manipulation or control in the situation.

I also want to mention looking for signs from your past.  I don’t suggest the past to dreg up old dirt, but to notice the things you used to love.  I just found an old box of papers from my childhood this afternoon.  It brought a few tears and lots of great memories.  I did get to recall some things I was really passionate about and as I think about them today, I still have great interest in them.  Reading old report cards I remembered beloved teachers and the kind words they wrote still have power.  I can see things I struggled with and see how I have conquered some of them!  I think finding a box like this is a sign- of what?  Lot’s of things, and I will figure out what I need to take from it now to move myself forward.

Look for the signs all around you this week.  Some will affirm what you are doing, some will provide information and guidance, and others will be asking you to check and maybe correct your direction.  Pay attention!  A sign won’t help you if you don’t recognize it.