The 100 day challenge, Day 41:

When you decide to transform your life in some way, things start happening right away. 

 One thing that happens is that you start receiving signs to guide you and give you information.  These are instances like someone crosses your path, you see an article in a magazine, a bumper sticker or someone’s license plate says just the right word or words of wisdom.  Unless you are being conscious of looking for these signs, they will be buzzing right by you all day and you will miss them.  So being aware of them is the first step- taking action on them is the second step.  Write these things down and make a plan.  So many times our lives are so busy that if we don’t write them down, they are forgotten very quickly.  We then lose out on the guidance these signs may provide for us.

The other thing that starts to happen when you are up to big stuff is that obstacles appear in your way.  My explaination of this is that it is the Universe’s (I am using the word Universe- you can use your own word) way to test how serious you are about reaching your vision.  You can choose to tackle the obstacle and move forward, or decide it is too hard and back off.  I have seen many of my clients make both choices.  Some obstacles are huge, and some will get a stream of obstacles that just don’t seem to quit.  What I have observed in myself and with my clients that push forward no matter what is that the more that pops up to try to stop us, the greater the rewards on the other side of them.  Said another way- the more difficult the stuff you have to get through, the bigger and better your dream is fulfilled.  That is if you decide to keep going.

I am not going to say much about what happens with those who decide to back off and avoid the hard stuff.  You can guess what happens to their dreams.  It’s not that they never reach their dreams- they might, it just takes them a very long time and eventually they go through the hard stuff anyway.

If you have big dreams and goals for your life and you seem to be getting a lot of stuff in your way- get excited!  You are on your way to reaching even bigger dreams and goals than you anticipated!  Getting the transformed life of your dreams takes hard work-  and it’s worth it!