It’s Thinking Month at Kimberly DuBrul Coaching and thing that comes to the surface is all of the over thinking I/we do!

One way we can easily over think is engaging in all of the opinions we express all day. Even if there are some we don’t express, we are still thinking about them on overdrive.

I recently came across a quote that talked about having a goal to have zero opinions. What? I can not find the post any longer, or I would share it exactly here.

The idea intrigued me and I have been thinking about it a lot for the past few weeks. We live in a culture of opinions- so not having any might be a huge stretch. What if we started to think instead about having LESS opinions?

The truth is, so many of the opinions we hold are not important- in any way. We form them by default. How about trying an experiment? Set yourself up to notice when you are having an opinion- maybe just for the next week- and think about whether or not it is important, whether or not it is even you business or has anything to do with you, notice if it is having a positive affect on you. It it useful, vital?

Some of your opinions are important and do make a difference to you and others. But they are in the minority.

What is it even important to think about? One of the keys to living a life of strong well being is to have more energy and less stress. All of our opinions take energy to form, to express, they take energy away from what is really important in our lives.

Someone asked me, “so does that mean I should stop caring?” I am not sure it is possible to not care- in fact I don’t want to tell you to change who you are. What I am suggesting is that you cut yourself some slack. Most of us are not alive to solve all of the world’s problems. Thinking about how to positively impact your own corner of the world can certainly start by letting go of unnecessary opinions.

While you experiment, be kind to yourself. You are not wrong for having opinions, and there is no comparison. Just be curious and learn. And have fun exploring this!!