The 100 Day Challenge, Day 14:

As a coach, I have learned over the years that great questions are the best tool for helping clients to move forward and solve challenges.  I have a great book that I often refer to when I want to stir up some more powerful questions for myself or my clients.  The book is called Ask and You Will Succeed by Ken D. Foster. 

 Here are some of my favorite questions in the area of Cleaning the Clutter:

1.  What objects from the past no longer define who you are in the present?

2.  What are you holding onto inside with regard to your clutter?

3.  In what ways do you benefit by keeping clutter in your life?

4.  What is it costing you to keep clutter in your life?

5.  What are the five most distressing areas of clutter you would like to be done with now?

6.  What action steps can you take to clear all the rooms in your home (or to clear your office- I added this) of all their clutter forever?

                     “Environment is stronger than will, but resolve will conquer all.”   K.D. Foster


When working on transformation in any area, you have to clarify what it is you want.  Making space for this is imperative, so having a clutter-free environment- mentally and physically- a first step for many in the journey to reaching their goals.  Many of my fellow 100 Day Challenge partners are working on environmental challenges and are making great strides in clearing all kinds of things up.  It is amazing to me, too, how other important things are being achieved and learned while on their 100 Day journey.  This blog post is dedicated to them to show my appreciation for the inspiration they give to me and others both in and outside the group.