I am at the beach this week and doing a lot of walking, thinking, listening to books and reading.

Right now I am listening to Jeff Bezos book Invent and Wander and something he does, struck me right away and I want to share it with you.

When making decisions, we fast forwards himself to age 80 and asks, at age 80, will I regret not having done ______________ (fill in the blank)?  He says his reason for doing this is to MINIMIZE regret over his lifetime! I regret management plan! I like it!

That’s the power of a simple pause and a simple question. Without the pause, the question would not materialize. Once again, you can see how easy it can be to increase the quality of your life.

It has been said, the quality of your life is in direct connection to the quality of the questions you ask yourself.

That pause is a refresh. Much like we do when we refresh our email or a web page to see what new comes up, taking a quick- or long- pause allows you to see something new.

We don’t need to go overboard with refreshing, like we might do online- however, a moderate amount of refreshing by pausing, reflecting and questioning yourself can be a powerful habit to cultivate.

This week, think about how this action could benefit you and how you might begin to build refreshing into your life as a regular thing.

The last word I want to say before we move further into May- a reminder to continue to rejoice in yourself and the changes you make. Just the fact that you read this blog post, allowing ideas into your head is something to celebrate yours for!

I shared this on my social media this week and I hope you will pause to fill the blank in for yourself right now:

I am grateful that I am the type of person who _______________. ¬†Rejoice in yourself today, rejoice in the goodness in yourself and in your life. And then turn to rejoice in someone else’s goodness- and let them know it, too.