100 Day Challenge, Day 7

Rising to the occasion means that you do your best, no matter what, whether you feel like it or not. You follow through because you made a committment to yourself or someone else.   Can you guess why this subject has come up for me today?  It’s Sunday night, I am tired as it’s been a busy weekend, everyone else is in bed and I am feeling a lull in my creative spirit!  BUT I made a commitment- 100 days of blogging in a row, so I am following through.  It would be so EASY to come up with some seemingly good reasons to just call it a day.

Here’s how I have to talk to myself right now:  “Self, (my friend Evy Biddle used to always say that and it always made me laugh, so I am borrowing because laughing will perk me up!) Self, you know how good you will feel when you follow through.  You know you will sleep peacefully knowing that you kept your commitment to yourself and the others you have made this promise to.  Remember all of the benefits you are receiving from doing the challenge and  of the transformation that will take place over the 100 days.  You get to win when you follow through (I like winning) and you get to start your day tomorrow already knowing you are on track.  It will be the icing on the cake of a day where you can say you did everything possible to the best self you could possibly be.”

Okay, I’m good.  The next time you hit a place where you are lacking energy and willpower to move forward, how can you talk to yourself in a way that will not allow you to go to that place of mediocrity?  Get your script ready now, so it will be ready when you need it!