The 100 Day Challenge, Day 82:

We all have past experiences and actions that we’d rather forget about. These things hold negative energy for us and bring us down further when we are already down. Don’t you notice when you are feeling bad about something current that you start thinking about all of the other bad experiences you have had and all of the mistakes you have made? We sure know how to heap it on!

Today is a great day to shed some positive light on some of those past experiences and to bring in some gratefulness for them. Take some quiet time over the next few days to think about the experiences and actions that keeping coming back to your mind to haunt you. Ask yourself these questions:

What did that experience/mistake eventually lead to that was positive?

What did I learn from that experience/mistake that allowed me to go on to success in that area?

What have I done differently from that point on that has served my life well?

I know you already know this, but here it goes anyway! All those past experiences and mistakes have played a huge part in who you have become today. Say thank you to all of those experiences both good and bad. Take the time to mine the good stuff out of what has seemed only bad to you. Though it may be difficult to do, with determination you can- it is a rare time that something good can’t be seen. Give it a try!