The 100 Day Challenge, Day 81:

I wanted to take the opportunity to expand upon a question I posed in my posting two days ago which was basically- Who have you not said thank you to that you would like to say thank you to?

I thought this idea deserved a little more time. Saying thank you is such a thoughtful thing to do- as much as the thing we are saying thank you for. It is a recognition of someone or something that you have benefitted from their actions.

It is easier to say thank you in the moment when someone holds the door for you, or lets you go ahead of them in line, or treats you to lunch. Where we tend to forget is the people and things we take for granted because they are always there. I often think there are many things I would like to have the opportunity to tell my Dad thanks for all of the things that he brought into my life, all the things I didn’t tell him when he was still here with us.

Making sure that people know that we are grateful for them and their actions while they are still here to hear it seems pretty important. How about the people who help us everyday, people who helped us as we were growing up, our parents or children. Here’s a biggie- if you have a spouse or significant other is there anything that you haven’t thanked them for recently? Talk about taking a person for granted! It is nice to stop, think and notice all of the things that person does for us and how it makes our life better.

The point is, there are MANY people in your life that deserve your thanks. By giving it you are encouraging them to continue and blessing them with great feelings. To be appreciated is one of the highest values we can feel as human beings.

So the question is again:

Who in your life do you want to say thank you to that you have not said thank you to? Go do it today.