The 100 Day Challenge, Day 80:

This morning I was walking in the woods- a precious place where I had been walking quite often all summer and early fall. It has been a couple of weeks since I had been there. The trees were full of leaves the last time I was there.

Today the leaves were a thick carpet for me to walk on and I could see buildings, and other things that I could not see existed, through the leafless trees. Everything looked different and I had to pay attention to stay of the trail.

Where once I had felt surrounded, enveloped by the the woods, shielded from everything outside the woods, I now felt a feeling of fullness and expansiveness! I was struck by the beauty that had existed right outside of the trees. Suddenly the gorgeous view was even wider and more beautiful, and the smell of the fallen leaves was amazing!

This thought occurred to me as I hiked- things can change, even things that we love, and they can still be beautiful- some things even more beautiful than they were before. I was so thankful for this reminder about change. Change is beautiful if I choose to see the beauty.

Where has your life changed that you can now recognize the beauty? What people in your life, or places you love to go have changed? What is beautiful about those changes? Being thankful for those things gives them energy and allows them to grow- expansiveness- letting the beauty that is already present to flourish in your life. In each day.