Going Inside When You Are Outside

This week’s blog post is very uncomplicated!  I have written many times about the importance of getting outside. For us in the northeast US, summer time is a great time to get outside and to see so much beauty surrounding us. When you get outside and combine it with some kind of meditation, mindfulness or … Continued

The High Vibe Challenge Day 17: That Voice

Welcome to Day 17! What is that voice I am referring to? Yours. The one inside your head. Today is about paying attention to what you are saying to yourself. Some people have a hard time with this- they either think that they are self absorbed if they pay attention to their thoughts or they … Continued

The 31 Day High Vibe Challenge Day 13: Time

Welcome to Day 13! One of my favorite quotes from the past few years is from Tom Bilyeu “You have to think of time as if it is of spiritual consideration.” That really hit home for me. I love to plan and create my weeks, but this thought took me to a whole new level. … Continued