Welcome to Day 17!

What is that voice I am referring to? Yours. The one inside your head.

Today is about paying attention to what you are saying to yourself.

Some people have a hard time with this- they either think that they are self absorbed if they pay attention to their thoughts or they beat up on themselves for their thoughts. In other words, judging their thoughts harshly.

The thing about this is to, again, remember you are human- no judgement of your humanity allowed here!

Why would you want to pay attention to your thoughts? So that you can change them, if need be, to something more supportive and productive for you.

You can not control that impulsive first thought that comes up, but you can control the next. And the next. And you can control the actions that follow.

This is one way to shift your vibration in an instant, at any time you are willing and choose to.

Day 17 Coaching Journal Questions:

-How often do you get caught up in unsupportive thoughts?
-What does your mind tell you about listening to your self talk? What attitude comes up?
-How would it benefit you to be a little more in control of your thought process then you are now?

Day 17 Challenge:

Choose your challenge.

1. Commit to observing your thoughts today. Just observe without judgment and you don’t have to change a thing. Just notice how often your thoughts are supporting you and how often you are doing things like making stuff up.

2. Once you observe your thoughts- ask yourself: Is this true? How do I know? If the answer is “I don’t know?” see how you can do one of my most favorite things to do: reframe the thought. My clients know I am the master of this and I have a lot of fun with it. Basically you are asking yourself- what else could it be?

Here’s an example- when you are about to do something uncomfortable, many (most) human brains go right away to what could go wrong. Most of the time we have no proof that the thing would go wrong. We start making stuff up. If you reframe this you could list off all of the reasons why whatever it is could go right and get focused on that.

3. Write down the thoughts you notice throughout the day- you don’t have to be obsessive about it. Take an inventory at the end of the day to see where you are at with supportive vs unsupportive thoughts and how many times you might have been making something up.

This is just a one day exercise, but really, the most growth will happen when at some point you decide to do this for two weeks. Just taking note, assessing and reframing. We have positive mindset days and others that are not so, this is normal for everyone! So taking two weeks will give you a much better window to see where you are at overall.

As always, please share your thoughts and insights!