Welcome to Day 18!

We have all heard many times the importance of choosing the right people to spend time with, to listen to, to confide in, to let into our lives.

We have all had the experience of choosing wrongly, and hopefully learning from those experiences. Some people are in our lives and we don’t have a choice, but we can usually limit our interactions, and we can lessen their impact on our lives.

In her book, which I have mentioned previously as having an impact on my high vibe journey, Vibrate Higher Daily, Lalah Delia offers a list for gauging who the right people are. I am not going to write the entire list, but here are a few that really pop out to me:

The right people:

-Are reliable and considerate.

-Check in on you.

-Give you the sweet or hard truth, or both, when necessary

-Grow and vibrate higher with you.

-Don’t downplay your opinions, feelings ideas, or good news.

-Reciprocate the energy, support and love you give.

Just to name a few.  These are a good lens with which to view your relationships to determine, or reinforce what you already know, to be a supportive and thriving relationship.

Of course, to be a person who reaps these relationships, we must also seek to be a person who also does these things for others. Even during times of busyness, inconveniecne and our own times of need, we are still there for them.

Day 18 Coaching Journal Questions:

-Who are your favorite high vibe friends and why?

-How could you be a better person in relationship to those you care about? (without judging yourself)

-Who do you know that you would like to get to know and create a relationship with, but haven’t yet.

Day 18 Challenge:

Today either reach out to a friend you love, but haven’t talked to in a while- call or FaceTime or reach out to connect with that person you would like to get to know better, or both!

As you reach out, instead of just thinking what’s in it for me, think about the value you will bring to them.

High vibes happen in giving and receiving!