Welcome to Day 19!

Today I am emceeing the WBON (Women Business Owners Network) first ever online conference. The theme this year is The Time Is Now to be Better Than Ever Before.

What an inspiring theme!

The times we are in will force us to grow- one way or the other. We can choose to go with it and embrace it, or suffer and struggle greatly along the way.  Paying careful attention to that which we can control and that which we can’t and choosing our reactions and actions mindfully will determine our experience to a great extent.

So in the spirit of this theme, I bring you today’s questions and challenge.

Day 19 Coaching Journal Questions:

-What is it now time for, for you?

-What do you want to say “never again” to?

-What have you already learned about yourself in the last two months?  How are you already better than before?

-From here, and thinking about the next 90 days, what would better than before look like?  Describe it.

Day 19 Challenge:

This time we are in calls for big thinking, bigger than big, big creativity, and just plain outlandishness in some instances. Things we have always believed can be turned on their heads. We can change something we are doing in what might normally seem like a crazy way and now, no one is questioning it. Because in these times, everything is fair game. Create it and make it happen. No one is questioning “craziness” right now!

So today, do something that is what you would ordinarily think is out of the box for you. Without judgement or fear of other’s thoughts. Show yourself you can do it and it is OKAY!  Better than okay. It is one of the highest vibe things you can do- try something new, do something a different way, explore something. Be curious and creative!

I sure hope that you will ALL post about what you did on the Facebook page if you have joined the group there! If you haven’t joined the group- please do! Just search for The 31 Day High Vibe Challenge and request to join!