Welcome to Day 13!

One of my favorite quotes from the past few years is from Tom Bilyeu “You have to think of time as if it is of spiritual consideration.”

That really hit home for me. I love to plan and create my weeks, but this thought took me to a whole new level.

What that quote means to me is that what I decide to spend my precious time on better be darn important- to me, not someone else’s opinion- and it better be the highest and best use of that time.

I am not going to teach a whole time management course here, though I hope to plant some seeds.

In the book Vibrate Higher Daily, author Lalah Delia says something about time that I want to share with you. Especially this month when you are focusing on this you will want to “do more things that affect you in a way that there’s no language for- only feelings of vibrating higher.” “Connecting to what makes you vibrate higher and feel like yourself again is the way toward living your power.”

This morning I had an interaction with a family member- after I mediated, wrote my morning pages, and walked the dogs on this sunny beautiful morning. I could immediately feel my high vibe slipping away. It almost doesn’t seem fair to do so much high vibe activity and have it be so easy to lose when met with a person in a vibrating lower place.

This IS life. What I noticed is that I momentarily lost my vibe, but I NOTICED it (awareness) right away, I walked to another room and sat down to read a few paragraphs of a positive book that was there. I was clear it was the other persons stuff and I didn’t want any of it. It was not easy to just walk away, but I am learning.

Sometimes when you vibrate higher, people with a lower vibration will try to bring you down because you make them feel uncomfortable. They are not doing this on purpose- they do not know that is what they are doing. But you will now.

You choose– lower your vibration to them or move away and keep or regain your high vibration.

When we let the low vibration interfere it stops our schedule and time from being productive and enjoyable. We can learn to move through these things quickly to stay on track. Time and patience.

The person in my case this morning, ended up meeting my vibration and came up, because they wanted to interact with me- they seemingly miraculously turned their own stuff around. We ended up having a pleasant interaction before they left for work. So much a better way to start the day.

But if they had left in their low vibe state, that would be their choice. It is not up to me to change their state, just to hold my positive vibe so that I can spend my time in the most positive way.

Day 13 Journal Questions:

-On a scale from 1-10 how are you spending your time as if it were sacred and with intention?

-Make a list of activities, or add to a list you have already begun that when you do them, you feel great!

-Decide ahead of time what your go-to plan is the next time you meet with a low vibe situation so that you can switch gears and make the most of your time?

-How much time do you spend planning out your weeks/days?  What would serve you better?

-What throws you off a high vibration more than anything?  How could you use your strengths and the list you have made (above) to work on conquering it?

Day 13 Challenge:

This one is just about noticing. Have something with you all day to write on so that you don’t forget. Just notice when you get off track. Notice when you are on track, too. What is happening and how are you feeling? Take a close look as you go through your day. At the end of the day do a quick overall assessment of your day.

This is a good thing to do for several days, to get a benchmark of where you are at. There is NO judgment allowed. Awareness can be brutal, don’t be brutal to yourself. Meet the information with curiosity. If you aren’t thrilled with what you are seeing think of it as all pure opportunity to make amazing changes. If you were already doing it all perfectly, your life would already be as good as it could possibly get.

And always remember, it takes time and patience with yourself!