Welcome to Day 14!

On the lighter side today! Art.

Viewing art is one of the best ways to lift your vibe! (making art is, too, but that is for another time!)

Even if you are not accustomed to thinking about, engaging with or viewing art- or maybe especially if you are not- I want you to delve into this one.

I remember when my daughter Rowan was in second grade and each child was asked to write a quote to put with their personal works of art on display. Hers said “Art is Life”. That is how I feel when I am surrounded by beautiful works of art- life itself wells up in me.

My most memorable time viewing art was by myself at the Yale Art Museum. If you’ve been there you know why. If you ever get the opportunity, please go. The many many priceless works of art will have your jaw hanging open.

I have a real connection to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC. Rowan and I have been there often. I discover something new there every time I go- but I always have to find (and I mean it is like a treasure hunt to find the right room each time!) of Washington Crossing the Delaware- it just astounds me the size and the detail and that someone painted it. Every time.

The Shelburne Museum, right in my own town, is also filled with priceless art and in usual times you can find me there often, viewing the incredible paintings in many buildings.

And lastly, but not least, I am grateful to my friend Tracy who many years ago now told me to go to the Neue Gallerie in NYC- a quick walk from the Met- where there are many beautiful paintings, including one of my favorites of all- The Lady in Gold- Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer by Gustav Klimt. I visit it every time I can. (We also love the Cafe Sabarsky- an authentic cafe straight out of Vienna.)

I have a goal to view artwork on purpose at least once each week. During this time of quarantine I have been extremely grateful for all that the Met has done online. I have included the link in this post. Last Saturday I watched a short documentary from their section, From the Vaults, about La Belle Epoque. You can pretty much view everything online at this point!

Day 14 Coaching Questions:

-What is your favorite piece of art either that you own, or one you admire (or both), and why is it your favorite?

-When was the last time you viewed art of purpose.

-How do you feel when you look at artwork that inspires you?

-How can regularly viewing artwork help you to stay high vibe and how would you incorporate it into your life right now?

Day 14 Challenge:

You have choices- engage in one or all!

Over the next three days:

-Walk around your house and intentionally enjoy each piece of art you have. You can just be present with each piece and feel free to write in your journal about them, where they came from and what you appreciate about them.

-Spend an hour online at the Met viewing art, watching something interesting. You can just enjoy or journal about it, too.

-Choose another museum you love to view art online.

For some of you, this is a challenge of a lifetime! For others, you may feel less than excited- it just may not be your “thing”, so that is exactly why you engage in this challenge. Be open to what you might see, enjoy and a shift that may occur in your mindset.

Beautiful art is high vibe. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so you get to decide what is beautiful. It is yours and yours alone to choose.