Welcome to Day 15!

We are right at the half way point in our challenge today! AND today is a rest day! After all of the challenges that have been coming your way, this is a day to catch up, or do with what makes the most sense to you. A rest day is not really a day off.

Do this day even if you are calling yourself “behind” on the challenge. (and remember there is no such thing!)

Here’s a little perspective to help you.

We usually hear of rest days in connection to working out.  It is when you take a break from your regular workout to let your mind and body rest, so resting is a part of it. With regards to working out, active recovery is a part of it, too. That means lighter activity. So it is definitely, it’s the day to go easy on yourself. In all ways. Gentleness rules.

Day 15 Coaching Journal Questions:

Pace yourself today.

-What can you let go of for one day?

-What self care have you been putting off?

-Reflect on how this challenge is going for you so far. Give yourself credit for what you have done by writing it down. Write down what you have gained so far. Set an intention for how you plan to engage with this challenge from here to the end. Re-define what you want to accomplish by being in this challenge, if necessary. If not, remind yourself of your intention by writing it down again today.

Kindness to yourself always comes first.

What have I done well?

What hasn’t gone so well?

What have I learned from all of this?

What will I do differently moving forward?

Day 15 Challenge:

Sit still and answer the questions above.

Schedule light catch up, if you want to and follow through on what you have written from the above questions.

Report in on the Facebook page if you are engaging there!

You are doing GREAT! Wherever you are at, it is forward from where you started!