Welcome to Day 12!

Watch out, I am feeling really really good this morning!

Maybe it is the sun, butter coffee from the Blank Page Cafe, or the great workout I just did- I don’t know for sure, but it is probably a strong combination of all and the rest of my morning routine. The only thing in my whole morning mix that is out of my control is the sun- and it is such a welcome addition!

Important note:

**Remember- there is no right way to do this challenge, whether you have engaged with on day, or every single day, or anywhere in between, you are certainly in a different place than if you had done nothing. Just joining the group has raised your awareness. And anyone can still join at anytime, so if you think of someone who might enjoy this, please invite them. Everyone will do this challenge in their own way. There is not perfect other than what is perfect for you.**

On to today!

The tag line for my business is You. At Your Best. I love that because it is so personal. Your best is only yours. That is why the use of VIA Character Strengths is such an important component to my coaching practice in all facets- from one on one clients to corporate work.

Your character strengths and the combination of them are only YOURS.

It is a way to quickly see how special you are. Your strengths are yours and they are at work in your life without you even noticing. The real MAGIC happens when you begin to use your strengths ON PURPOSE. I am grateful that I get to be a part of this magic in my work with clients.

I do 90 minute strength sessions and in working with clients we spend a whole session on strengths and then they are woven throughout our work together. So know there is much more to this subject, but I am excited to have you delve in on your own, and it will be no less powerful.

In the coming weeks I will be highlighting some of the different strengths. They are ALL high vibe!

Day 12 Journal Questions:

These will apply most if/when you do the challenge for today!

-Look at your top 5 strengths. Take 5 sheets of paper and write on strength on the top of each page. Under each strength write:

-How is this a strength in your life?  How do you see it, how do you use it?

-How could you use it more intentionally?

-What results might you get if you start to use this strength on purpose?

-What is one way I will use one of my strengths during the rest of this month in order to increase my high vibe-ability?

Day 12 Challenge:

Take the VIA Character strengths assessment. (I have included the link in this post) It takes about 20-30 minutes- don’t over think it and do take it when you are feeling well and are not distracted or in a place where you could be interrupted.

If you have taken it before, get your results out, refresh your mind and answer the questions above.

If it has been more than a year since you last took it, I suggest a re-take, especially in this time of change.

**I do not get anything from this, but I DO highly suggest that you spend the $20 to purchase the full VIA report that is personal to you. It is a GREAT report for such a low investment and it will really help you to understand at a much deeper level, and I believe you will enjoy it.

If you do not like the strengths you get in the top 5- remember- the whole list are you strengths- you will see how these are rated if you get the whole report, but just know- they are all strengths, some are just stronger than others. Embrace your results- especially if you are resisting. This just tells me that you have some unrecognized strengths and this is GREAT NEWS!

If you are in the Facebook group, please feel free to comment there. If you are reading this post on my blog and want to join the group- just search in Facebook search bar: 31 Day High Vibe Challenge and request to join. There is no time that it is too late to join!