Welcome to Day 11!

I talked about your evening “bookend” of the day way back at the beginning of the challenge. Today I want to talk about your morning “bookend”.

I talked about evenings first because the chances of starting the day right is greatly increased by the quality of the night before.

Once you are awake you want everything you do starting then to energize you for your day ahead.

This is totally up to you. In different seasons of my life- pre kids, small kids, big kids, etc- I have changed my mornings, especially the time I get up in the morning. There was a time I was meditating at 4:15 for an hour every morning to get to a workout class at 5:30 and I did this for years when my kids were little because that is what worked in my schedule.

Quartine has changed my schedule. Every life thing that happens can change how you start your days, it is normal, just let it be intentional! And try some different things out- don’t judge if it is working or not by a couple of weeks of attempt- it will take time.

I am going to share my schedule just because some has asked, however- in the spirit of our High Vibing- do not compare or judge against my schedule. This is what works for me now, and I have been working on my mornings for a very long time.

Right now:

I wake up at 5:45 (pre quarantine I was out of the house most days by 5:30 to go to work out, just for perspective)

Prayer and Meditation is first thing every day. 30-60 minutes depending upon the day.

I then get up, wash my face and brush my teeth, etc. and write my morning pages 30 minutes.

Once I am done writing, I look at my schedule and write three gratitudes and two things I am looking forward to in the day in my Panda Planner.

I walk my dogs- rain or shine- 20 minutes.

I do my own workout sometimes, but because of quarantine, it depends upon the day, my schedule and when the live online workouts I like to do are happening. As I write this, I have walked the dogs and I am doing a workout at 9 which is the first live REV indoor cycling class ever- I am looking forward to that!

I will shower after that, so you can see that I am doing some work before my workout today- this never would be the case pre-quarantine.

I am learning to be more flexible and I am loving it- no two days are alike, but the foundation is always there. Of course, I love food, so that fits in wherever it happens to depending upon my morning schedule for the day.

Day 11 Journal Questions:

-What is your morning schedule? Is it consistent?

-How do you generally feel when you wake up in the morning?

-How would you like to feel?

-What do you know you could already do to start your day in a better way- for you?

Day 11 Challenge:

Think about revamping your morning schedule! How about shaking that thing right up and doing something different?!

If not the shake up, what about a tweak? What would that look like?

If you are saying- What morning schedule? Pick one thing to do starting now to begin to build a morning routine that energizes and fills you with high vibes for your day, first thing!

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