Welcome to Day 10!

I know many of you are doing a catch up day today. That is great! Remember, there is no right or wrong way to do this challenge. You can start at any time, engage with what works for you, but the coach in me will always push you and encourage you to go a little further than you think you can.

Here’s what I have got for you today.

No activity does not mean no progress.

Going going going with no break or stillness, especially, is not optimal. Deciding to have a day of no activity is a conscious choice to just stop and receive. Receive the benefits of the work you have been doing. To integrate your thoughts.

Your body needs at least one rest day a week from working out to be optimal. Where your body repairs and grows even stronger than before. Your body integrates all it has learned in the days leading up to the rest day.

Intentional, no activity.

Your brain, your soul, your spirit, your body, your nervous system- all require the rest day to become optimal, to grow and to integrate.

If you decide, on purpose, with intention- this day of no activity, it can become a reality. You have to make a real plan for it, not wait for the opportunity to appear- it won’t.

Most of the progress you wish for, catches up with you on a day of no activity.

Let yourself catch up with yourself.

I started this thing on Sundays a little over a year ago that I call my Sabbath Day. I call it that because it then feels Holy to me, but it is not like a traditional Sabbath Day entirely. I stay off from electronics (right now because of this challenge, there is some of it), that is the big one. I generally don’t go anywhere- which is easy now lol! I do quiet things- reading, planning, sometimes a nap, relaxing time outside when it is nice out. I read something that is spiritually uplifting, I meditate a little longer, I move at a slower pace. Just sitting with no agenda is amazing to me, because I ALWAYS have an agenda for myself.

Deciding to have a day of no activity gives me permission to just be completely still. I like the idea of receiving. Let yourself receive. Sometimes we are so busy we block what good is trying to get to us. Since today is Mother’s Day when I write this, it is a good day to allow the love that is trying to get to you to get there- if you slow down and sit still it can come.

This is a good practice to weave into your life. Just put everything, including projects aside. Just for one day. Start with that.

Make a conscious choice to just stop and receive.

Growing your High Vibe ability, means resting so that you can maintain and grow your energy. High Vibe is all energy. Depleted, exhausted, tired, worn out, etc does not lead to High Vibe.

No activity does not me no progress.

Day 10 Journal Questions:

-When was the last time you had a day with no agenda, you just let yourself be and receive?

-What would it mean to you to take such a day now?

-How would it benefit you to make this one day a week a habit in your life?

Day 10 Challenge:

A challenge to do nothing? What a concept! That is the challenge.

Today, as I write this, it is Sunday. It is mid day now- so maybe stick your big toe in and do nothing this afternoon. Too short notice or catching up on the challenge? If you already had a plan for the day, follow it. See what spaces you could still dedicated to sitting, being, stillness, integrating, breathing, doing nothing.

Do this to get ready for next week.

Plan one day to be your no activity day- you can make your own snazzy name for it. You know, you will still get the work done, things will not fall apart. This is your opportunity to show yourself that your stories of what might happen if you do take a break are not true.

Even if you don’t want to, even if you think you can not do it- this is where I am going to push- I want you to plan to take a no activity day next Sunday- you have a whole week to get your mindset around it, if you need it. If Sunday just doesn’t work at all, pick a different day. Sunday works best for me, it may be another day of the week that is best for you.

Report in on Facebook if you are in the group there. If you haven’t joined us there yet, come ahead! If you are following along here, feel free to reach out!

No activity = progress.