Welcome to Day 9!

Just a quick expansion to yesterday, something I was thinking about this morning as I was walking. So much of what can dim our high vibe is self induces. Much of it stems from being hard on ourselves, and much of that is the stuff we hold against ourselves and shame ourselves for. Past mistakes, perceived and real.

I have come to believe- after years of really working on this- that my mistakes happen so that I can learn something. Mistakes are part of the tapestry of what makes us, us. Without the mistakes I have made, I would not have taken other actions, or gone in different directions, or developed another approach to things. Human beings make mistakes- all of them- period, end of story.

If we never make mistakes we are likely living a life filled with pride and ego. You can live this way, but the joy in living- high vibes- will be missing.

Starting to recognize what is good about you and the good thinks you do on a daily basis is a total high vibe builder. You can train yourself to recognize the good things you do and give yourself credit for them. It is okay to see the goodness in yourself and to pat yourself on the back. It is okay to appreciate yourself.

It is not selfish.

In fact building a habit of this will fill you with more energy and high vibes to contribute to the goodness of other peoples lives!

And you are not your past mistakes. People can change and it doesn’t matter whether or not other people see it. Outside validation is not necessary, all that matters is that you feel and see your own goodness.

Day 9 Journal Questions:

-What do you feel guilty about?

-What mistakes do you still think about?

-What past mistakes do you beat yourself up over?

-Make a list of all of these and ask yourself: What would it take for me to recognize my humanity, learn what I can learn and then leave these in the past, understanding that all mistakes have brought me to the place I am today and have happened for me and not to me, to help me to learn what I needed to learn to live my best life?

Day 9 Challenge:

Start a “What’s Good About Me” list. This can be a long list, and continue to grow as you think of more to add. This may be easy for you, or this may be hard for you- either way is fine. Keep the list handy so that you can continue to add to it pretty much forever.

Read this list whenever you are forgetting your own goodness.

If you have already started this list in the past- get out your list, read it and add to it now.

Please post your aha’s if you are in the Facebook group, or here in the comments!