Welcome to Day 8!

This month is already flying by! I hope you are taking the time to make the most of it- every moment carries the opportunity to think differently, notice something, enjoy something or learn something- if we stay aware to that space of possibility, we can do something with that space- no matter how large or small.

One of the things that clogs up the works for living high vibe is stuff!!

This is another subject I could right a whole book on, so this will not do it justice, but I want to get you thinking.

Mental Weight: First, resentments. Mental clutter. Things that bother you that you can’t let go of, especially things you ruminate over. We have all heard about how forgiveness is really for us, not for the other person. It is true. Again, I am writing this briefly for the challenge- it is not meant to diminish the degree of anyone’s experience. As with anything in this challenge- you know what this means to you and you KNOW what would serve you in your life to let go of.

Physical Weight: Feeling lighter in your body. It is not just about losing weight. It is laughter, it is what you eat, it is moving, it is how you sit in a chair, it is breath. Move more, dance more. Jump up and down! Shake things around!

Environmental Weight: Look around you. Do your spaces uplift you? Is there clutter? I have clients who clean up physical clutter and they instantly feel mentally and physically lighter and clearer. Are you looking for a boost of clarity? Start here. It is not just about cleaning up and throwing things away- which IS awesome!- it is about rearranging things and adding beauty to the spaces you are spending time in. Your work space- no matter what you try to tell me- needs to be free of clutter and piles and distractions. If I had 2 cents for every client who told me they work better in clutter and they know where everything is, cleaned up their space and instantly saw their delight AND production go up- I would be very rich right now. My favorite instant environmental uplift besides cleaning up clutter- FLOWERS! Flowers are VERY high vibe! Rearranging furniture and things in your space can really make such a difference, as well. Clear stuff up, throw stuff away, rearrange and beautify!!

Day 8 Journal Questions:

-What do you KNOW you need to let go of in order to get lighter and move into a higher vibe?






-anything you are holding against yourself

-What are possible changes you could make in your physical environment- no commitment- just make a list of all of the possibilities.

-What do you KNOW stops you from being high vibe?- make a list.

Day 8 Challenge:

Two options- you can do one or the other, or both!

Take a walk and take pictures of beautiful flowers you see- from afar and close up. Notice and soak up the beauty.

Bring some flowers into your physical environment. Look at them, appreciate them and notice how they shift the energy!