The 100 Day challenge, Day 84:

One of the things that I am thankful for everyday is the fact that I have the ability to make choices. As we know, not everything in life is under our control, but we always are free to make choices- even if the only choice we have about something is how we are going to react to it. Somedays the number of choices that need to be made can seem overwhelming and I rather not make ANY, but given the other option of having my ability to choose taken away, I think I’ll put up with a little overwhelm from time to time.

Here is a short prayer that I would like to share and if it inspires you, you can use it, too!

Dear God, thank you for the freedom and opportunities to make choices today. Please guide me to make wise choices and give me the strength I might need to stick with my decisions on the choices that are difficult. Guide me to make the choices that are best for me and those who are affected by my choices. Help me God, to be paying attention so that I can see clearly the best choices. Amen.

May you choose wisely and enjoy the fruits of your wise choices!