The 100 Day Challenge, Day 85:

I have spent all day today the Women Business Owner’s Network Fall Conference. I was grateful for the opportunity to network with great women in all kinds of businesses- the common thread being that we are all in some stage of owning and growing our own businesses.

The day was filled with several speakers on topics ranging from money to life experience to social networking and more.

As I sum up the day for myself, I realized I am most grateful for the opportunity to learn something new. We are very fortunate to have so many resources to turn to, to learn about things that we are interested in, things that can improve our lives in any number of ways, and, like today, things that can help us to grow a stronger, more profitable business.

Just check the local papers, colleges, bulletin boards in local coffee shops and you can find endless opportunities to learn. You can also go online and find plenty of teleclasses and webinars and share in the learning with people from around the world. This amazing opportunity did not exist just a short time ago!

Learning something new is energizing and I like to think, keeps our brains young and healthy! When was the last time you took a class? What have you always wanted to learn about, but haven’t pursued? If not now, when? What would enhance your business today if you learned more about it? What about your life? Is it about business? Cooking? Health? Writing? Meditation? Art? Music? Parenting? Leadership? What is it for you?

I challenge you- before the week is our sign up for a class- whether it is a one time class or a series, whether it is one hour or an all day event- get energized and be thankful for the opportunity- just because you can!