The 100 Day Challenge, Day 88:

Have you ever had a do-over that worked out very well? And weren’t you so thankful for that second chance? It is one thing to get a shot at something, but when you are given a second chance it is special. It usually means someone really believes in you and you will rise to the occasion. It’s not that you weren’t doing your best in the first place, but you really want to prove that the do-ever was well-founded. Or the fact that something somewhere gave you a second chance means you were worthy of it, and that is a great feeling!

Today, recall the times you had a second chance given to you- the people and circumstances involved. Silently (or otherwise) dwell in your gratitiude for those times. It could be in love, at work, a deal of some sort, it could be the time you gambled almost lost it all and then won it all back, it could be your life- recall them all, big and small. (hey that rhymes!) Maybe you still want to thank someone.

Now, ask yourself- who or what deserves a second chance in my life? Are you willing to give it? If so, remember the gift you are giving. If it doesn’t make sense- something harmful, for instance- be thankful for the wisdom to know you are making a healthy choice.

Maybe you need to give yourself a do-over? Anybody have any thoughts about this- please share!