I love making up words!  I shared my new word, thanksbeing in my newsletter last week. One thing I can tell you- spell check HATES it! 🙂

This month, there is so much going on that I wanted to combine this season of gratitude (in my world that is what November is all about) and the much needed pause that allows the gratitude to come in. Because of all that is going on in the world, it may not be easy to leap to gratitude.

We may need to pause first to access what we can be thankful for in any given moment. 

That’s the being part. We have to give ourselves opportunities for stillness, not moving, and not doing. I won’t say not thinking, because that may not be possible, but in being and just being, we can at least recognize the quality of our thoughts and choose the thoughts we want to have.

Gratitude is the way to feeling, to becoming centered, to change your state to positivity and so much more. 

Giving thanks is so good for you.

Every November during the week of Thanksgiving I do a gratitude challenge. This year, I am handing out prizes, but more on that next week. For now, just to get warmed up, take some time to pause and think about what you are thankful for each morning, evening or both. If you are inclined, write them down which is even more powerful.

Experiment over the next week- every time you feel stuck, or upset, or challenged in any way- let that be an opportunity to switch your thoughts to what could be good or what you are thankful for. See what you notice.

This is one way that we CAN control our experience and reality- why not use it to help us to have a better day, week, month.

It all starts with willingness to stop, pause and just be.