I read this in Louise Hay’s book- Gratitude A Way of Life- a book I take out to read every year at this time.

“What does saying thank you do for you? When you make another person feel good, you also feel good. When you make another person feel important, you also feel important. How wonderful it is to help yourself feel good, important and even appreciated. Saying thank you to others gives you the same respect and satisfaction that you expressed to the one who you thanked.”      Rev. Michael C. Rann

There is so much in that little paragraph, but what strikes me is that most of us are always looking to feel good, important and appreciated, and here we see we have the key!

Does it take a bit of effort? YES!

Is it always easy to find something to say thank you for? No!

Depending upon our current mindset it can seem impossible to find gratitude. Even if you have to work at it, you can see- it is well worth the effort. These ways of feeling and being priceless to us, and a priceless gift we offer to others, as well.

As we warm up for gratitude challenge week, if you are with me, experiment. In the next week- see how many people you can thank for something. Little things, big things and everything in between. People, companies, teams, you name it! Start to notice how YOU and the energy you are receiving back from those people and places you are thanking.

This is a GREAT challenge and GIFT to give yourself. Extend the grace of a thank you all over the place, and receive the grace you are giving right back.

Enjoy your week!