Welcome to Day 31!

Wow! Here we are, we have arrived at our destination. And yet, it is not a stopping place. Whatever work you have done to learn about, explore, practice and evolve the being of high vibe in your life this month, you will carry forward with you to tomorrow. And the next day. And the next.

Today is a great day to take stock of all that you have gained this month. Whether it is one idea you considered, or a new habit you put into place. Maybe you revived a old habit or were reminded of things you knew, but had stopped thinking about. For some of you, you were able to see the reflection of all that you are doing well already. As I have said before, a time or two, this is not to judge yourself. If we don’t take the time to reflect, then we don’t get to give ourselves credit, learn and change course.

In light of the happenings in today’s world, it can seem pretty shallow at times to be paying attention to yourself and your challenges, Maybe you think your stuff pales in comparison to others. Maybe it does. But to YOU it is important.

Let’s take a wider perspective. Everything you do to create a better, stronger, happier life for yourself is an addition to the world.

Who is more likely to do good in the world- a high vibe or low vibe person?  Okay? So first we have to get there. Operating from a low vibe does not allow us to help or serve the world at the highest level.

So again- keep out of judgment of what of yours compares to others- and keep working on your own stuff so that you can be clear and available to help other with their stuff.

It’s a noble pursuit. I give you permission. But really, I encourage you to give yourself permission.

Unless you stick your head in the sand and ignore everything that is going on, unless you aren’t at least willing to see and be vocal in your own way about the injustices that are all around us- you are doing just fine.

So that you can be a part of the solution.

I look forward to being part of the solution along with you.

Day 31 Coaching Journal Questions:

Take stock of all you have gained in the past month during this challenge:

By your estimation, take some reflections time.

-What went well?

-What did not go well?

-What did you learn?

-What will you do differently moving forward?

-What did you picture yourself doing with this challenge at Day1? How did you do? Where did you get off track from your ideal?

-Looking back, were your expectations reasonable?

-What will you give yourself the most credit for?

Day 31 Challenge:

Using the first four questions above, challenge yourself to ask those questions every Sunday about the precious week so that you can course correct for the week ahead. Asking these reflection questions will keep you on track to reach your goals and is really my secret weapon in creating the life I want to live week by week.