The 100 Day Challenge, Day 31!

It has been a month since I started the 100 day challenge and it has lived up to it’s promise- to be a challenge!

My challenge is to post something on my blog for 100 straight days- no weekends off!- and to learn more about blogging in the process.  Other in my challenge group are working on their health, their environments, writing, clearing out and up, letting stuff go- we have a huge variety of challenges.

We am learning are we go and one thing I can say is that doing something- anything- for 100 straight days, or even 31 straight days is an amazing experience.  Emotions range from excitement, to overwhelm, to feeling stuck, being tired, being inspired, being proud, panic. (when the day is ending and I almost forget!) 

What I am getting out of this so far increase in accountability- my challenge is so visible, if I don’t follow through hundreds of people know it, I have had to create discipline in a new area, writing my blog- which could take weeks for me to build up to in the past- now has to be done on a daily basis- ending procrastination, I am finding lots of inspiration myself, I am doing something that was very difficult for me every single day, and I have company and support from my fellow challenge members- and some great new relationships with great coaches I did not previously know.  And there is more.

Will I blog every day once the 100 days are over?  I can say certainly- no!  I can also say certainly that I will be blogging several times a week as opposed to the several times a year path I was on before I started the challenge!

I will recommend to anyone- take on a challenge like this!  If there is an area you have wanted to improve in, or a project that needs to be finished, or one that needs to be started and finished, a 100 day challenge is the way to go!  Joining others is key- if you need a coach to keep you accountable and support you along with way with enthusiasm- I’d like to apply for the job!