100 Day Challenge, Day 10:

One of the most likely ways to move more quickly toward your goal is to learn to work with visualization.  Take some time to create your vision.  Sit in a quiet spot with your eyes closed and go through these questions:

When I am achieving my goal:  What do I look like?

                                                                What is happening all around me?

                                                                 What emotions am I experiencing?/ How do I feel?

Take your time to get a clear picture and allow yourself to really get into the feelings you experience and fill yourself up with them.  The picture you form in your mind is of your positive outcome, and one you can purposely bring up each day for several minutes, and also whenever you find your thinking and behavior getting off track.  Visualizing before bed puts the picture in your mind before bed and allows your brain to work on solutions all night.  First thing in the morning, gets you moving in a definate direction toward your goals. 

Using visualization along with other tools like affirmation, prayer, goal setting and review  and accountability can give you the solid foundation you need to keep moving forward no matter what.  Mix these with  another essential ingredient for success,  right action,  and you have an excellent plan to get you living that picture.  One day you will wake up and realize that what you have been visualizing day after day has come true and you are living your dream!

As a coach, I help my clients to use all of these tools to their best advantage.  How can you put these activities to work for you to reach your highest potential in an area of your life?  What other activities can you add that will help you to get there?