The 100 Day Challenge, Day 59:

I have this cool and funky little book called Weight Loss for the Mind by Stuart Wilde. 

The idea is that all of the busy thinking we do constantly, our  trying to figure out or guess what will happen next, our fears (our greatest source of anguish), anger (which comes from an impending sense of loss or an actual loss) is clouding our minds, our thoughts and keeping us from living a joyful and happy life.

Think about the thoughts that weigh most heavily on your mind.  (and imagine losing the weight of those- weight loss for the mind).  Which of those thoughts can you do something about and which are out of your control?  What are you losing by keeping those heavy thoughts around?  What is it costing you?  What can you do right now to let go of some of the heavy weights you have trudging around with for a while?

How about asking for help?  Ask someone you trust.  Sometimes it just helps to talk and get a different perspective.  Sometimes it just takes the realization that life is going by and it’s enough already.

I would like to share a paragraph from Stuart Wilde’s book with you:

“Remember, all mental weight comes from the interaction of two or more opposing forces in your mind- your reaction to circumstance and your opinion or desire.  You can fix most of the contradictions by controlling circumstances better and learning not to react when they don’t suit.  If you have less resistance, your opinions and desires will be less rigid.  You’ll learn to flow through life rather than fight your way along.”  Weight Loss for the Mind