The 100 Day Challenge, Day 58:

 You have made a nice list of your strengths (see yesterday’s blog post), now what? 

Besides using them as a reminder when you are not feeling strong,  there is another helpful use for your list.

Take a look at your list and ask yourself- what strengths do I have that I have not been using recently?  which ones would I like to use?  How would I like to use them?

Maybe some of these things you are good at (and possibly forgot about) can be used to further a project you have been stuck on, to help others in some way, or to increase the enjoyment in your life.

Don’t just bury this list in the desk drawer.  Make several copies and put them in different places so that the list is handy when you need it.

Nature arms each man (okay, and I am adding woman) with some faculty which enables him  (her) to do easily some feat impossible to any other.”  Ralph Waldo Emerson