The 100 Day Challenge, Day 57:

When was the last time you thought about all of the things you are good at?  Chances are it has been a while.

We get plenty of opportunities to think about what we aren’t good at- we beat ourselves up, other people point things out, we compare ourselves to others we know, and many who are unknown to us, but we read about them, and see them on tv and in magazines.

One thing we all have to remember- and I have been reminded of it again and again in my coaching practice: NO ONE is perfect.  No matter how the complete package looks on the outside, everyone has their own personal struggles and difficulties in life.  SO focusing on someone else and comparing ourselves to them doesn’t make a lot of sense.  I am not talking about looking at someone as a positive role model- that is great!- I am talking about comparing in a way that makes you feel badly about yourself.

Here’s my idea for you today:  Take 15 minutes and write down ALL of the things you are good at- and I mean everything!  This list is for your eyes only, so no need to be modest or shy!  No censoring necessary.  It is your private moment to take stock and to recognize yourself for all of the great things you do and are capable of.

Who knows?  This may even springboard you to some new ideas about what you would like to have happening in your life.  Keep this list somewhere where you can find it, so that when you or the world is getting you down, you can pull out your list to remind yourself of all of your strengths.  Once reminded-which in itself can make you feel better- you might decide to use one of those strengths to get out of the unsupportive mindset you are in.

Your strengths are little and they are big.  Here is a list of ideas from a fictitious person to get you thinking:

Things I am good at:

Running a meeting.

Keeping the house stocked with healthy foods.

Working out.

Teaching others how to ……….______________(fill in the blank)

Being patient with children.

Being patient with co-workers.

Taking care of my health.

Standing up for myself.

Contributing to my community.

Telling a good joke

Getting up early.


Saving and investing money.

Knowing my style and dressing to fit it.

Riding a dirt bike.

Knowing how to use my computer in ways that enhance my life.

Having integrity and speaking with authenticity.

The list goes on from here- there is no limit to the number of things you can put on your list!  Really go for it! and have fun!!