The 100 Day Challenge, Day 48:

Sometimes you just have to break out of your comfort zone.  Sometimes you have to challenge and test the speed of your mind.  You have to challenge your ability to focus, pay attention and learn something new.  I found just the right venue tonight- The Bingo Palace in Colchester, Vermont!

Joining some friends, my daughter and I ventured out- not really knowing what to expect, but Rowan- who wins stuff all of the time- having big ideas of big winnings, was very excited.

The Bingo Palace did not disappoint.  We had no idea what we were doing- have any of you played bingo lately?  This is not the ordinary old bingo we used to play.  And it is SERIOUS! 

What I learned (or was reminded of) at the Bingo Palace:

Human beings like to help each other out.  Without some of the kind people there giving up pointers, we would not have enjoyed ourselves nearly as much as we did!

Having to think fast is fun.  I realize how little time I spend really having to think fast on my feet.  Reaction time is what it’s all about because the move fast at The Bingo Palace!

Learning something new- or somethings new- is fun, especially when you are learning with friends who can laugh with you.  I now know about the bell ringer (Rowan got that honor for the night!), treasure chest, the Y, the chair, the G game and much more!

You can’t win if you don’t play!  How about remembering this one in all of the areas of your life?  Keep yourself in the game!

Risking a little can bring you a lot.

When you put yourself in different environments than the ones you are used to you build character.  You also get to meet some characters! 

Beginner’s luck is real!

The real good fortune is in having good friends to share new experiences with.

What will you do this weekend that will totally get you out of the box, out of your comfort zone?  Get yourself into a different environment, try a new activity.  Bring some friends with you- it’s all the better that way!

I would suggest The Bingo Palace!  In case anyone from there reads this- thanks to all of you for a memorable night!