The 100 Day Challenge,  Day 49:

You’ve heard it before- your thoughts determine your outcomes and how you experience situations.

Sometimes we have to trick ourselves when we are focused on thoughts that aren’t making us feel good.

One of the things I like to do when I am worried, concerned or otherwise upset about something is to ask myself this question:

                   “If I was thinking or believing the opposite of this right now, what would that be?”

What happens is this- when I ask myself this question, my brain has to go to the positive- that would be the opposite.  My thinking switches automatically.  Immediately my whole body and mind goes into a different state and now I am coming at my challenge with full power and ability to create solutions.  I have now “tricked” my brain into getting off the thoughts that were causing me to be less than happy.

The next time your brain is in a tailspin over something,  try the question and see the magic!  Your mind is so powerful, your strong positive mindset is a treasure.  It is the key to your creation of the days, week, months, years and life you most want to live!  (and love!)