The 100 Day Challenge, Day 50:

Today is the half way mark in the 100 Day Challenge!  I just have to stop and celebrate for a minute!  For all those reading who don’t know, my challenge started on August 17 and is to write in my blog every day for 100 days in a row. (no weekends off!)  I INTEND to finish the 100 days and beyond with flying colors!

One of my friends reminded me last night of the idea of being intentional with your days and your time.  Not just doing for the sake of doing, but doing something with intention, purpose.  OR not doing something, as the case was for her.  She intentionally said no to a request that did not work for her in her life right now.

Being intentional means that we give thought to our words before saying them and we choose them wisely.  It means that we think through consequences to our actions before we take them, to see that we will get the result we are wanting.  Being intentional means that you prioritize and make room for not only the most important things, but the things we most love to do- many times when we are not intentional with our time, the things we love to do are the first to go.  Being intentional is careful choosing.

Setting intentions sends a message- to your brain, to the Universe, to all those around you (who you dare tell) that will hold you accountable.

“What we prepare for is what we shall get.”  William Graham Sumner.   This is the truth, either good or bad- so why not set  intentions to get what you want?  Setting the intention is the first step in preparing- preparing your mind.  Your intentions can guide you when you need to make choices with your thoughts and life.

Here are some “intention” related questions for you:


What intentions do you have for your most important relationships?

What are your intentions in your work and career?

What intentions do you have for the projects you are working on?

How do you intend to be the highest expression of health possible?

How powerful are all the intentions you have been setting?  How easily do you disregard them?

How intentional have you been in planning this week?  If this was to be the best week ever- and you still had to do the things you have to do- how would you intend to make it happen?  What would you have to think and do differently?

Isn’t is exciting that you get to choose!  Have fun being intentional this week!