The 100 Day Challenge, Day 51:

Commitment- to me that means a promise you will not break.  This is a follow up to yesterday’s posting about being intentional.  Once you set an intention, committing to it is what takes it to the next level.

Commitments can be made in many ways- to others, to yourself, to God.  I have learned that when I take my commitment higher and commit to God,  I have complete strength to follow through.  What level do you go to?

I witness people every day setting exciting intentions, making commitments and then backing away or giving up.  Why does that happen?  I believe it is the level of the commitment that they have made, and the level of importance of the completion of that committment.  If their commitment is weak, when things get tough they will retreat. 

In coaching we are able to help clients keep moving forward when they might be wavering.  Being reminded and held accountable can really help you reach for those big and “impossible” dreams

Is it time for you to step up in some area of your life and make a stronger commitment?  What would it be, specifically?  Are you ready to take it on?