The 100 Day Challenge, Day 52:

Transformation- the act of being transformed.   A marked change as in character or appearance, etc.

The first step in transforming yourself, or your life is to decide exactly what it is you want to transform.  Be specific.  Be reasonable in your choosing- for example choosing to transform everything in your life all at once might be overwhelming for some while it may work well for others.  You already know what is the best way for you, what is it?

Next, get a written and visual picture of your end result.  Again, be specific and outline every detail, even (and especially) how you feel.

Read the last two day’s blog postings on intentions and comittments and get a firm grasp on where you want to go with your personal transformation.  Plan to read what you have written and spend time visualizing the picture of you/your life transformed each day.

Ask yourself these questions:  How badly do I want this? 

What will I have to give up in order to succeed?  Am I willing to do it?

What could possibly stop me?  What are the solutions to those things?  How can I plan ahead so that they do not trip me up?  (With coaching I help my clients to be very creative with this!)

What happens next?  Come back tomorrow for more of the story!