I am the first one to believe in miracles, divine works and grace- I just want to say that before I write any further!
Saint Patrick’s Day brings visions of luck and Leprauchauns and the proverbial pot of gold! A few weeks ago my son and I saw a full rainbow- one where we could see where both the beginning and the end were. It was beautiful! Immediately he wanted to go look for the pot of gold.
6 year olds have it right. He knew we weren’t going to find the pot of gold just standing there- we needed action. Yes, finding the pot of gold would be lucky, but it would take work to get to it.
When I was growing up I always kept my lucky charm with me. I was pretty much convinced that if I didn’t have it with me, things were not going to work out well for me. I was relying on luck- good luck to make things happen.
What is luck, anyway? My favorite coaching tool, the dictionary, defines it this way: the force that seems to operate for good or ill in a person’s life, as in shaping events or opportunities. Luck leads us to believe that events and circumstances are out of our control.
So go ahead and believe in luck, I still do on some levels, but give luck a chance to happen. You can’t be lucky when you don’t take action. Even making a little move can set off a chain reaction of events that can look like luck, but at the root of it was the action you took. That action took on momentum strengthened by your believe and ta-da!
I know why my lucky charm seemed to work- it helped me to BELIEVE in a positive outcome- the one I wanted. It works when you do something to help it to work. Give your good luck the chance to happen- make a decision, make a plan, follow through and believe the whole time- good luck will track you down