The 100 Day Challenge, Day 67:

I like the idea that Robin Sharma expresses- you can be a leader in your life, no matter who you are or what you are doing- he calls it leading without a title. It calls to mind all of the times you are being watched, followed by others in your life- kids, co-workers, fellow commitee members, other parents, friends- you name it- may all be looking at you and the example you are setting for them in many areas. This could be serious- whether we like it or not, this is occurring. If we decide to take it seriously, we can consiously lift ourselves to higher standards in how we live our lives.

What kind of leader without a title you are also becomes evident when no one is looking. What do you do when no one can see you? Do you still hold up the standards you show to people our in the world?

Something to think about:
Who are you leading? Think especially of the ones who are not obvious? Who’s watching you that you haven’t been thinking about? Where would you like to create new standards for yourself and for those whom you are leading?

For more cool ideas from Robin Sharma, I encourage you to check out one of his many great books: The Greatness Guide.